Cinema Renovation and Design

There are many details in the reconstruction and design of the cinema, from lighting to seating equipment. Choosing the right upgrade options will ensure the smooth operation of your movie theater, as well as make it more attractive to customers. Here we look at some of the most important issues that should be considered when reconstructing an old movie theater and turning it into a modern masterpiece.

Reconstruction and Cinema Hall design steps

  1. Make sure that the structural mechanics are working properly. Of course, you will need to determine if pipes, water heaters and electrical systems have been upgraded. This may require recruitment specialists who will save you money and time in the long run.


  1. Check your labor safety rules to make sure your movie theater complies with city laws such as passenger traffic, fire safety and lighting systems. The cinema hall must also comply with the rules of exit routes, exit signs and access for disabled people. Failure to comply with these OHS recommendations will provide certain repairs.


  1. Get licenses and permissions. You may need certain licenses or permissions before you open your own movie theater, especially if you plan to host additional events there. Queuing all of your documents is critical to updating your new theater.


  1. Exterior repair. This may require painting and installing new characters.


  1. Interior repair. You will want to clean and possibly repair the toilets, the diner and the games room (if any).


  1. Technology update. You may need to upgrade or repair the projector and screens. You can search the Internet for the most affordable options.


  1. Replace seats. It is important to upgrade the seats, especially if the old seats are annoying or sticky. Remember that high-quality cinema seats can bring more customers to your cinema – because who doesn’t like to sit in a chic, well-designed new venue during a two-hour movie?


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