Cable Drum

- It should be able to wind the cable with the desired cross-section and number of cores on the reel in the desired ampere values in a way that does not cause short circuit between the contacts.
- The mechanism that provides energy transmission in the reel should be suitable for audio / video signals.
- The sheet parts of the drum should be made of hrp or dkp sheets.
- Black static powder paint should be preferred as the paint.
- There should be necessary labeling for the dangerous parts.
- The system should have automatic recovery. The drive should be taken from the mainspring.
- CK75 spring steel should be preferred for mainspring spring.
- The reel will be mounted in a vertical system and the spring spring must meet the required torque values.
Manufacture of all kinds of materials for the construction of this system by companies authorized with tuv austria en ıso 3834-2 welding standardization quality certificate, transportation to the construction site, horizontal and vertical transportation in the construction site, assembly, installation, all kinds of tools and auxiliary material expenses, materials as a system supervisor and commissioning, including technical training, must be delivered in working condition.

Techinical Information

Number of rings:

2-36 rings

Rated voltage:


Rated current:


Dielectric strength:


Insulation resistance:


Dynamic contact resistance:


Contact material:

Precious metals

Housing material:

Engineering plastic

Operating temperature:

-20°C≈ +80°C

Operating speed:

0≈600 rpm


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