Our HR Policy

The human resources policy of Gala Stage which believes that human resources are its greates wealth; is established on managing, directing and advancing human resources in a right manner and forming an employee profile that is a specialist in its field, highly motivated and creates added value.

Our Policy

- Providing employment for true people in appropriate positions,
- Evaluating current human resources for new positions firstly,
- Ensuring appropriate tasks for knowledge and skills of employees,
- Keeping spirits and motivation at the highest level for every employees from all levels and creating family conscious
- Creating a healthy, safe and peaceful working environment in terms of worker health and safety,
- Identification of training needs for employees, preparing and performing training programs,
- Evaluating and rewarding employee performances in regard to objective measures,
- Providing internship opportunities for university students,
- Providing open communication environment,
- Protect and developing all personal rights of employees.