Hiring Process

Based upon its objectives and principles, Gala Stage performs works throughout the year in order to place the right candidate to the right position. One of the most important criteria we put emphasis on during our recruitments as Gala Stage are competencies. It is of great significance that our candidates possess the nine below mentioned main competencies regardless of the departmend they are considered for.

Gala Stage Perfections:

  • Direction Determination
  • Team work
  • Communication
  • Cooperation Development
  • Result oriented
  • Creativity and Entrepreneurship
  • Developing Yourself and Colleagues
  • Compliance and Management Differences
  • Customer Precision

All or part of the below stated assessment criteria are applied during the process of evaluating our newly graduate and experienced candidates according to the necessities of the position:

  • An interview based on competencies
  • A Professional personality inventory
  • An English proficiency test
  • Evaluation Center Practices – The competencies of our candidates are evaluated according to the individual and teamwork exercises they do on case studies they are given.

As a result of all these assessments, candidates who are considered suitable are offered a job by our Gala Stage company and the candidate seen favorable for the position starts to work. Our aim for this process is ensuring the positioning of candidates to the right department in questioning their knowledge, skills and competencies.