Congress Center Repair and Design

Eskişehir Ticaret Odası Kongre ve Kültür Merkezi Salonu

Congress Center Repair and Design

Galasahne has over 10 years of experience building conference centers and industry leaders in the design of conference rooms for design, and cultural and economic dynamics to enrich the urban vitality of Turkey and the world. Our experience includes dozens of conference center projects around the world, new facilities, as well as reconstruction and redevelopment projects.

As an extension of the facility, we use the integrated approach of general architecture design, urban design and interior design to produce all solutions that encompass natural environmental, landscape, public art and public spaces.

To meet the needs of ever-changing congresses, conference halls and trade fairs, we process, interpret and complete the project with a highly functional and flexible infrastructure. Each project provides a unique experience, deeply combining the internal structure.